About Me

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, Charlotte Lucy; spiritual intuitive and Reiki healer, mother two, wife of one; lover of drawing, walking and meditation.


Guidance as to my soul’s purpose in this lifetime was given to me several years ago at the very start of my own spiritual journey: Create Light.

At the time I did not know what this meant or how I could implement  it – I had a lot of learning and growth to do before I was given further clarity on this – but as time went by and my self development and spiritual understanding grew, I recognised that my ‘job’ here was simple – to bring light into this world, and help others who were ready, including you, to recognise this same desire within themselves and uncover how they too can uncover, develop and share their own light. A light which is so often dragged down and hidden by difficult life experiences, painful self beliefs and even fear for the safety and health of our world.

What Do I Mean By Light?
As a spiritual intuitive, I channeled the guidance to Create Light one morning as I was waking up.  So what did ‘they’ mean by this?  The Light which they speak of is that which lies dormant within us, ready to be sparked up by things which make us feel passion, satisfaction, joy, courage, motivation, confidence, development, excitement and peace.

I found that when I began to actively choose to live a life filling myself with these feelings, through healing and development work and by searching for my purpose, I felt complete like never before and began bringing untold light into my own life, mind and body, as well as to the lives of those around me including my loved ones and community and to the world as a whole, with my positive attitude, words of support and prayers.

Finally, I had discovered the answer to creating so much light, health and energy within me that I had plenty to spare and which I could therefore share around, much to the benefit of everyone around me – and suddenly I felt even more positive, healthy, vibrant, motivated, determined and satisfied with my life than ever before.  

And it all started by listening to that little inner call for more…

…and following it all the way here. All that time ago I started my spiritual journey on antidepressants, drinking too much, agoraphobic, pushing my loved ones away and even suicidal.  But, by choosing to have faith in something better, I took this journey and from step one I felt the dark fog lifting.  Because, I discovered, that whatever we hold within us we attract tenfold around us – and so by simply trying to heal myself, I began to hold the energy of faith and hope instead of anger and fear, and my life, health and fortune began to change.

And now, having successfully used my own experiences, spiritual intuitive gifts and Reiki healing I have facilitated personal growth and healing with so many clients, all of whom were in the midst of varying degrees of physical and emotional shifts and life changes.  I am committed to working with you if you are feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced by life’s demands, lost or confused, suffering with poor health or a lack of energy, or if you simply want to uncover your purpose and/or make your world or the world as a whole a better place.

Just know that to overcome anything in your life, change and healing must start with you.

My work introduces clarity, health, healing, peace, success, passion, a deeper understanding, personal development and self-motivation – all of which I uncovered successfully within myself during my own journey.

Together we will uncover your true happiness and help you feel so confident and filled with light that you are able to go out into the world feeling healthy, rebalanced and confident enough to share your purpose and your light far and wide.

It’s time to step out of the darkness.



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