About Reiki

Reiki and crystal therapy rebalance you from within.  You can go on all the diets, bootcamps and change your life seminars you like; you can cut and dye your hair, change partner and buy as many new clothes as you wish; you can smoke, drink and do as many drugs and netflix box sets as is humanly possible…but when the root cause of these unhealthy needs, addictions, actions and desires is still at large within you, then negative distractions will only give you brief relief, but will simply not be able to make you feel better in the long run.  Not only that, but any positive ‘life change’ attempts you make not be able to stick because you will only be trying to heal the surface issues (for example, the addiction to smoking) rather than the deeply held, often emotionally based root cause of why you smoke.

This back and forth, unbalanced behaviour can be seen most clearly in the yo-yo dieter, the alcoholic and the cigarette addict, but can also be seen in those who suffer with depression and take medication for it, as well as people who suffer with anxiety and stress.

Nothing can cure the ‘issue’ – you feel hopeless, or trapped, or more worried – so you do more of the surface level distraction (antidepressants/drinking/diets etc) to try and ignore the ‘pain’ or cure it and it still doesn’t work – and so the cycle goes on. Because the ‘issue’ is trapped deeper  – and that is where deep, energy healing work comes in!


When life feels unbalanced in any way, there is very good cause for that; your internal energy is unbalanced and the pure, natural and powerful energy known as Reiki, along with the incredibly grounding and healing energy of the crystal, will help bring your body, mind and spirit back into complete alignment.

The outcome of this is that your issues, pain points and imbalances will rise to the surface to be healed from where they have lain trapped within you and which have in turn been causing you to feel these negative affects and suffer with these addictions and needs on a seemingly unending cycle.


My Healing Style 

With my style of Master Reiki healing and crystal therapy, we will work to gently release your inner wounds, past pain and heavy feelings.  It is a non-talking form of healing but I am happy to discuss your feelings as we work, as for many people, verbalising what they are experiencing, seeing or thinking helps speed up the release and healing process.  This is certainly not required though.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.47.08.png

    • You may feel a variety of pleasant sensations, both physically and emotionally.
    • The healing continues for anywhere up to a week. You may feel more at peace and content or energised and motivated.  You may also notice that changes and shifts begin to happen easily within yourself and your life.
    • Energy healing works regardless of doubt or belief.
    • Energy healing can be given to anyone, including those going through medical treatments.  It cannot have a detrimental effect. (If you are suffering with physical or mental issues please do consult your doctor.)
    • Energy healing can assist those suffering with confidence issues, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self image issues or an on-going sense of being ‘stuck’ or hopeless as well as for those looking enhance their spiritual healing journey.During Healing…

For Reiki, you can be seated or lying down for the session though Crystal Therapy is performed lying down.  I may use a range of healing techniques in each session which are personally tailored to your needs, requirements and comfort, and depending upon what I am guided to use.

These include:

  • Reiki
  • Angel healing
  • Pranic healing techniques
  • Pendulum release
  • Meridian line release and healing
  • Crystal healing
  • Crystal wand release
  • Spiritual surgery
  • Guidance card readings

As a spiritual intuitive I also use channelled guidance to give you personal insights and guidance.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.46.52.pngA single session will be an excellent ‘top layer’ cleanse and release and you will absolutely feel the benefits, but when you book in for 3 to 6+ sessions we will be able to work in a deeper, more committed way with guided, personalised support between sessions.  The more sessions you choose to do, the more committed to your progress and healing you will feel and therefore the better results you will achieve and the more indepth healing I will be able to get for you.   

Single sessions are £45. If you book 3+ sessions the cost drops to £40 per session.

Prior to your first session please fill in and send back this Consultation Form or (GP Constent Form if required) to charlotte@theholisticcoach.org or print and bring with you.  Thank you. 

To book or ask a question, please use the form below: