With a strong core and sense of Self, steady inner foundations which keep You stable no matter what, and a predominantly happy mindset, there is no need to strive to be happy anymore.

Even in the face of upset, these three things will enable you to rise above and see the objective view points on all sides. You may not understand them all but you will be able to step out of your Ego mind which is so quick to blame and judge, and be able to see situations with love and selflessness. Then true happiness can become your go-to setting.

Happiness is not an ultimate destination – you don’t ‘reach happiness’ and then never feel anything else; instead you slowly learn how to be happy along the way, through the ups and the downs, and it all starts by being happy and stable being You and finding the ability to accept others as you accept yourself.

If you find there are things about you which you cannot accept, then you will always find aspects of others which you deem unacceptable too and the act of judging, however automatic and subconscious, makes us feel unhappy because you think “If I’m judging them then surely they must be judging me too and I don’t want to be judged”.

The Ego wants to be liked no matter what, so start by liking yourself, build those foundations of self love and go from there!

And once you are content within yourself and accepting of your strengths AND weaknesses, then you will find yourself in a state of being fundamentally happy and at peace – unwilling to judge or be judged and able to see yourself and others with love.

You may occasionally feel anxious or stressed or sad, this is normal, but your regular setting will be peaceful and happy.

And that is the aim.

Learn how to accept yourself and be happier with each passing week with my intuitive Reiki: http://www.reikitherapist.co.uk or 8 week 1-2-1 High Vibe online coaching and healing programme: http://www.highvibeangel.com

Turn Away From Who You’ve Become And Step Into Who You Were Meant To Be

This concept may well be the most terrifying idea you’ve ever heard…but imagine if you did this? How would your life look, feel and BE different?

Trust me when I say that I’m not plucking these ideas out of the air. It’s not pie in the sky hearsay. It’s not based around a one off successful attempt at manifesting something great for myself.

I spent the first 10 years of my adult life utterly lost, blindly hoping for things to just work out and for that missing ‘piece’ to just come up and grab me by the shoulders and say “HELLO, I AM WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING IF YOU WISH TO BE HAPPY”.

I was struggling in my love life (young single mammy), my work life (one bad job after another for no money), my personal happiness (waking up dreading each day); my health was all over the place after low immunity (due to my poor mental state) made me an easy target for severe stomach problems and constant headaches, plus to distract myself from all of this I was drinking too much, agoraphobic, depressed and medicated, confused and hopeless.

Wow. What a list.

And do you know what? I could have spent the rest of my life stuck there in this horrendous cycle.

After all, most of us do don’t we? We think it’s normal: our doctors medicate us…adverts push new products which will ‘make us happy’ and we see everyone discussing their depression and anxiety all over social media – everyone doing the same kind of jobs with the same kinds of people for the same kind of money for year and years.

But instead of sticking with this life like everyone I saw around me, one day I was just DONE with not having things the way I wanted and needed them to be and I realised, slowly but surely that everything I experienced was a CHOICE.

Just choice. I could choose to stay put in a life I felt lost and hopeless in, or I could choose to start making shifts. Big crazy happy vibrant scary new shifts.

And I did….and suddenly my life began to change out of all incredible recognition. I was stepping up and into my true Self, and even though it felt scary sometimes, and other times I felt crazy, mad, sad or frankly bemused by what was going on, the commitment I was making to myself, and the changes I experienced and which I had been desperate for, made every single moment worthwhile. I would do it all again 10 times over…it was exciting. Things were changing – I didn’t know where they would lead me but I know it was somewhere great and new.

And now my life involves everything I had dreamed of and more. Health. Joy. Purpose. Work I adore. Clients I adore. Money. Time with my family as and when I choose. A deep seated contentment and understanding that THIS is what I am made for. Happiness. Daily walks in the sunshine. A connection to my life and myself and my partner and child which I had never before felt. And so much more.

All because I took a shot and made a CHOICE to purposefully make my life better no matter what.


I am here and ready to support you if you feel ready: http://www.highvibeangel.com

One off sessions or 8 week appointment programmes available.

Stop being afraid and start being excited and motivated about your own life…about the changes which you KNOW you deserve.

It’s time to nurture PASSION, PEACE AND PURPOSE in yourSELF…

Finding A Way To Truly Heal by Andrrea Hess.

Expert Article by Andrrea Hess

Soul Realignment expert

It is impossible to fully heal from emotional hurt and pain while we’re in any kind of victimization energy. But when we’ve been hurt – through someone’s betrayal, neglect, disrespect, or manipulation – the most natural reaction in the world is to think “this was done TO me.”

Instead of truly healing, we end up coping. We learn to numb our hurt feelings with food, or distraction, or even with meditation. We disconnect from our emotions. And we build up a wall between ourselves and the world, which has become far less safe all of a sudden.

Worse, we may keep attracting the same hurtful interactions, over and over again.

So many of my clients come to me because they have noticed recurring patterns within their relationships. They may find themselves in romantic relationships with partners who consistently turn out to be emotionally neglectful, abusive, or dishonest. They may constantly find themselves lied to in their business dealings. They may have a series of backstabbing “friends.”

Every time we encounter the same emotional hurt, we lose more of our sense of safety, and disconnect from ourselves and the world a little more. We get better at coping.

Coping is not the same as healing.

At the core of the healing process is being able to answer the question: “How?”

Without knowing exactly HOW we’re attracting the same emotional hurt and pain, over and over again, we are stuck with the illusion of being someone’s victim.

Even if we’re absolutely willing to acknowledge that we must be creating all this hurt SOMEHOW … it’s not enough. We need to know SPECIFICALLY how we are at root cause, how we are attracting the same consistently painful circumstances.

It is the only path to healing, and reclaiming our emotional safety.

After all, if we are no longer a vibrational match for being betrayed, then betrayal cannot show up in our experience.

If we are no longer a vibrational match for being neglected, then neglect cannot show up in our experience.

The Akashic Records allow us to understand how we initiated a pattern of choice that is now attracting emotionally painful situations into our experience. Once we know the root cause, we can begin to see how we are unconsciously continuing this pattern in our present.

We can finally know what we need to change, in our own patterns of behavior and action, so that we can attract something different. In this way, we can stop focusing on other people and what they did “to” us. After all, we cannot control anyone else’s behavior! Clearing work can help us create a temporary emotional shift that makes actual change easier. Clearing work opens a door of opportunity that we can then walk through … and claim our power.

We are, after all, fully empowered to change our own choices, at any time.

It is the ultimate way to reclaim safety and self-trust.

And instead of trying to forgive another person for causing us pain, thus affirming our victimization, we can move into true healing from a place of power and forgive ourselves for having created our own experience of pain.

So Have A Think: What Will Make Life Something You Thrive On This Month And Not Just Get Through Day To Day?

So for most it's 'back to normal' today…
end of the holiday season, end of the "It's Summer!!!" mindset, and back to regular work patterns…

So have a think for a moment
what's going to drive you forward in the next few months? What's going to inspire you and make life exciting and miraculous and something which you thrive on and not just get by on?

You can't just hunker down now and wait for half term or Christmas…every day needs to be Lived.

Life is short so what do you do (or can you do) which can inspire you and inspire others when they see you achieving your goals and making changes?

Each day I focus on my message for you all and for the world in general…because we each have an inspiring message to share in little or large ways. 
My message is big and powerful Because WE as human Beings are big and powerful so my message and the way I deliver it needs to match your awesomeness. 
It needs to feed deep into your very soul to kickstart you out of your 21st century over-commercialised, over stimulated, under nourished slumber and make you resonate with it deeply and in turn make you hunger and yearn to fulfil your purpose.

What I do is attempt to do each and every day…
is inspire as many people as possible to step up and in to their true remarkable Self…unburdened by their past or their fears. Sometimes that requires my professional spiritual guidance, healing, coaching, support and assistance and other times something I write or say will inspire you to do something new or amazing or fresh without the need for my professional and personal assistance. I don't mind which as long as YOUR life is changing for the better in some way.  To me, the fact that lil ol' me can make a positive difference in the life of another human being is a beautiful miracle and one which I have grown to accept and be truly grateful for. 

The point being that… 
everyday I develop myself for you and for the greater expansion of love and light and success and peace and happiness of those I come into contact with…in the hope that those I touch in some way will spread that inspiration in their own unique way too and so on and so forth in a beautiful rippling effect throughout our world with me at its centre, and with each of you at the centre of your own positive ripples, so all of our love and inspiration filled ripples cross paths and echo one another's good work…

between now and whenever the 'Next Big Thing' is in your life (a birthday? A holiday? Christmas? Friday??) ask yourself:

"How will I make each day count in some small or huge way?"

Will you start a new hobby? A new course? Make new friends? Get a new job? Develop your inner light? Get fit? Smile at strangers more? Travel to new places more? Create space every day for you to meditate or pray in or just give yourself time to be still and be you? Will you journal? Will you spend more time with loved ones? Will you walk to work or drink more water to nourish your body and mind?

Any little action you take in a positive and inspiring direction is part of your journey to become the inspiring success story that you were literally born to be.

And its my job…
whilst I have you here in this beautiful tribe to inspire you every day to keep living, keep searching for more, keep reaching, keep striving, keep healing, and growing and changing and shifting the old and stepping into who you are at your deepest most perfect core.

Am I doing that??
Have I done that for you at some point? If I am and if I have then thank you for being here and allowing me to fulfil my very purpose for living. You feed my soul and keep me pushing and growing every day and not just mentally sleeping my life away waiting for the Next Big Thing – and I will keep doing it every day forever…

So go try and go inspire and then come back here and tell us how you get on.

Start your own ripples…
Join my online support library full of content and courses – The Heart and Soul Tribe
Come and up your vibration with the my High Vibe Angel Tribe for weekly live videos and channelling on living a better life

I Believe Everyone Has A MISSION…And Nothing Can Stop You

Article By Enlightening Media

"I believe everyone has a MISSION. And when you feel that Mission, in every cell of your body and DNA, Your heart & soul: Nothing can stop you! It is not like going to ‘work’.

A mission can be lived and breath, day and night… It gives energy and protection. It does not TAKE energy. You need to wake up from a long sleep, we ALL have slept over the last 16.000 years as a humanity. WAKE UP. This is the time every human needs to see and hear, the real thing.

So YOU make all your friends & everyone you meet aware. We are in this together, the whole humanity! I want you to feel and stand in self-love.

Be love, be part of the change. You ALL are here for the change. Even if you do not know what you are here for today.

We were born as Free souls in a Free cosmos, as a Free human race- With Power from within, and all bounded in the same love and the same source.

We got trapped, in fear, money, contracts, systems and leaders or books telling us what and who we are, and how we should live. This is the Old. Old masks, old leaders, old stories and old rules.

Only We, as in Today, in this moment, can remind yourself that You were a God. We all were.

Feel the energy now coming from these words in your body and feel the activating. Wake up, You are here with us, To make Gaia- The Earth- Humanity Shift to who we originally were. You do not need to remember, you feel it Now.

We were born to lead ourselves. We were born to listen to our hearts. We were born to live in peace, unity, hamony and Love for us all. Most of all: To remember and told the truth. About our origin, about our DNA, about True healing and True wisdom teached from the Source.

We have been mislead, trapped, and far away from ‘ our soul’ for a long time. The change is to stand up, to believe in yourself, in our whole humanity! 99% Of the people pray for love & change. Know this! Everyone has lived in fear and dis-information.

Choose NOW to stop living in a mass-fear. You are clear, powerfull, and connected with your essence. NOW. We all are connected in heart, and we all want a SHIFT now.

This is a wake up call, to reach for your light. Your potential. YES, feel this rush in your body NOW. It all starts with YOU.


‘Show me my mission, I want to be in full control, and lead the mission I was born for’. Ask for it, give yourself permission.

Also tell your higher self: ‘ I do not want to be a sheep anymore, I will be unique and in my own energy, I will not let politicians, the media, commercials, and negative people tell me WHAT TO THINK, WHAT TO BUY, WHAT TO EAT, WHAT TO SAY.

I stop with following others — I will lead My way. I will be in full strength, protection, love, and get all the tools I need for my mission. I stop with all the habits that leak energy, that cause me damage. I believe in myself NOW.’


It is time for YOU to stand up for humanity, planet earth and our truth. Connect with all humans in love. It is time to spread the light, love and the truth of your essence.

It is time to stop living for money, and to stand up for the shift. You know it. Billions of people wait for this, and pray for this. You need to stand up for your responsibilities, and to use your tv, media, newspaper, social network to start the shift!

You need to work all together and spread the truth, and your light. Today. To all the singers, authors, publishers, artists and journalists: Start writing the truth from today on. Start spreading and connect humanity in the truth. We need you."

By Enlightening Media