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If you want all the life changing, shift making, healing, releasing, restoring, teaching, guidance and energy lifting information in one place and updated every single month with fresh new channelled content created just for you, then the VIP Heart & Soul Tribe is for you.





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Because of the powerful messages coming through about developing ourselves, taking time out and learning more about our own unique abilities and purpose so that we can support our Earth and those who live upon her, I was drawn to bring back my 6 week meditation course, “Connect To The True You” which has only been used by my coaching clients over the past year.  It was created and designed to help further healing, learning and development and is all online for total ease

The 6 topics include:

Week 1 Rebalancing your chakras
Week 2 Meet your guides
Week 3 Meet your angels
Week 4 Connect to your soul
Week 5 Learn to let go
Week 6 Learn to quieten your mind

Each week includes:
-1 audio lesson on the focus of the week
-1 audio guided meditation
-1 to 2 unguided meditation(s) to help support your intuition development and ability to meditate without guidance, through the use of music which is designed to stimulate and heal your chakras.
Development exercises to deepen your learning, skills, knowledge, peace, clarity and connection.

This programme is £75 (£12.50 a week) and includes 6 weeks of training and all of the above, plus on hand support from me as and when needed, and access to my private community “Daily Inspired” with regular coaching videos and more.  As a Free Bonus, I will also send you my e-book “Spiritual Life Understanding and Self Care For The Soul”.

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Find Peace, Knowledge and Freedom With My Interactive 5 Day Course

My online course, 5 Days to Freedom, is an online course which offers quick and effective ways to begin creating and bedding-in some life-changing shifts, including self-development and confidence, realistic spiritual understanding, ways to make life happen for you not to you, and how to lead a more positive, healthier, happier life – allowing you to see the changes in real-time and be in control of them, one day at a time. A brilliant resource filled with guidance, information, music, videos, meditation and journaling exercises plus a brand new added video bonus called Breathwork, Book now for £35 (just £7 a day.)

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Discover my interactive e-book, “5 Steps To Inner Peace And Emotional Freedom”.

This easy to follow step by step guide to your inner journey is filled with vital information to help you overcome the external and physical issues which come with opening up to your spirituality and desire for ‘more’.

Includes: access to videos, audios, worksheets and online exercises.

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As the author of spiritually based, spirit channelled books and talks discussing concepts around the awakening process, universal laws, angels, energy work, society and healing, as well as offering guidance and easy to follow processes which will get you life changing results, I am always happy to hear your feedback on my writing, how my work has affected you or your life and also what topics you would like to see more of!


Complete Crystal Healing Set

Plus Bonus: Brand New Healing Symbols

I am passionate about crystals, and love using them in my face-to-face healing, but part of my work with them is to help you enhance your life, health, happiness and inner peace through using them in simple and easy ways at home.

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I have some beautiful crystal sets for sale which include:

-7 fully cleansed and attuned chakra crystals

-A complete guide to your crystal healing description of each of the crystals, what they do and how they help to support and encourage you and your healing

Bonus: 7 brand new channelled symbols for you to use with the crystals. These beautiful symbols allow you to fully connect to each crystal on a deeply unique level and use their energy in a powerful new way.  To use: Simply hold the crystal in your left hand and draw the relevant symbol (which you will receive upon purchase) over it with your right.  Allow the energy to flow through the crystal and you before setting your intention such as: “I ask that this crystal open and heal my {chosen chakra}”. Then continue the process using the guidance information given with the set. 

£10 for this complete crystal healing set (+£4 postage or pick up is free). Click here to purchase.  Note: Upon purchase, please email me your address using the form below as to where to send your healing set.