The Online Course

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Conveniently able to be taken at your own pace from anywhere in the world, and with on-hand support from me throughout; we will delve into the 4 Pillars of your Self Development, enabling you to overcome your biggest fears, unblock your oldest locked-in habits and see where and why you are holding yourself back!  At the end of these courses, you will be living and working at full throttle and back in control, without your past experiences, fear of change or negative beliefs holding you back!
 The Four Pillars Of Clarity And Purpose
  1. Rediscover who You are and what will truly make you feel content, happy and purposeful everyday.
  2. Uncover your deeply held blocks and beliefs which keep you ‘off track’, small and unable to flourish and understand how to overcome them for the rest of your life.
  3. Discover how you can follow your passion and purpose in a very real way, growing in self love, clarity and confidence each day.
  4. Learn how you can share your inner light and love with yourself, those around you and the world as a whole in way which is unique to you.You can Begin Anywhere In The 3 Stage Process…There Is A Starting Point For Everyone, From Complete Beginners To Those Looking To Take The Final Jump And Live The Life They KNOW They Came Here For…


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The 8 Modules of Stage 3 cover:

1 Clearing The Mental Clutter

  • Create your personal, ultimate To Do list with the completely unique ‘Create, Do, Delete’ process.

  • Learn to silence your mind and welcome in your true desires.

  • Discover how well you treat yourself.

2 Free Your Self From Your Blocks & Forge Ahead

  • Uncover your mental and spiritual block and forge ahead.

  • Discover your chains of habit which hold you back.

  • Open up to yourself in the deepest way ever!

3 Making Space In Your Life

  • Uncover the 6 main areas of life and be guided step by step through a clearing process in each.

  • Uncover new clarity, inspiration and confidence.

4 Life Lesson Awareness

  • Discover what lesson every person you have met has had for you.

  • Complete the completely unique Release, Learn, Grown process.

  • Release pain and trauma from these people and the past.

  • Deepen your soul’s growth and move forward unchained to past people and events.

5 Open The Door To Your True Self

  • Discover more about spiritual mysteries.

  • Plant the ‘seeds’ of inspiration ready for when you need this information in your spiritual journey.

  • Uncover realistic ways to use spirituality to enhance your life.

  • Free Book!

6 Discover Your “Life Design”

  • Understand why you have had to go through certain life experiences.

  • Complete the completely unique Life Design process and understand yourself on  a deeper level.

  • Uncover the reasons behind your current life concerns and repeated issues with a ‘Sub-Personality’ release meditation.

  • Discover the 7 stages of the Soul’s growth so you consciously understand why your life is the way it is allowing you to relax! It’s all normal!

  • Uncover a new approach to discovering and working towards your purpose.

7 Use The Power Of Your Past, Present & Future.

  • Look at your past, present and future with fresh new eyes.

  • Understand how each step affects the next and how you can take back control, even of the past!

  • Learn to shift any lingering old habits and create new ones which you love.

  • Learn how to manifest your future.

8 Looking Ahead & Bonuses

  • Understand why you have inner conflict and anxiety.

  • Discover your main life distraction techniques

  • Uncover your most vulnerable personality traits and turn them into your most powerful aspects!

  • Create a Complete Life Clarity Goal!

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