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If you feel ready to take your spiritual journey and self-development to the next level and go VIP then this is your opportunity. {And get a three day no obligation trial for only £2.34!}

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I am constantly creating online digital courses, books, courses, workshops, videos, audios and meditations and I needed a platform of amazing people to share this information with who I knew would benefit entirely from it.  Incredible people who want to know more, grow more, develop, love, achieve, succeed and become a truly powerful Being whilst also being able to bring this information and guidance into their day to day life. 

The online hub library is FILLED to the brim with hundreds of pounds worth of information via courses, programmes, workshops, meditations, books, videos, audios – and all on a wide array of powerful topics. And it’s available to you every single day from tomorrow.

This is the place to be if you are serious about achieving success with your self-development and spiritual journey, as well as learning how to implement these changes into your day to day reality in work, love, health, home, time keeping etc!


You will have instant access in the VIP Tribe to (amongst many others items):

-Complete Clarity Programme: Stage 1. (A 2 week self discovery healing course.)
-Complete Clarity Programme: Stage 2. (A video programme to uncover a whole new mindset and way to live over 7 days.)
-Connect To The True You. (A 6 week meditation programme connecting you to your chakras, angels, guides, soul, finding inner peace and learning to let go.)
-2 of my e-books – “The 5 Step Guide To Emotional Freedom” & “Spiritual Life Understanding & Self Care For The Soul.”
-Money mindset course
-The success mindset video workshop with downloadable notes
-The 21 Day Awakening programme
-Life coaching exercises to kickstart you daily routine
-And So. Much. More.

You will also have access to the Heart & Soul Hub on Facebook where I will put additional coaching, videos and inspiration each week.

There will be more amazing content coming into the VIP Tribe every month too!


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*The first 10 founder members of this VIP tribe receive a huge discount of £81.40 for yearly membership AND 10% ALL face to face and online healing/coaching/card reading sessions over the course of the year.

**Regular membership is on a month to month basis and can be cancelled ANY time so there is no requirement to stay – but with so much quality and value, there will be so much to learn every month and this, I believe, is the best value way I could think to deliver all this to you and help you CHANGE. YOUR LIFE!

***PLUS – because I know you are going to love the content, you can trial the VIP Tribe for 3 days for only £2.34!!
CLICK HERE to join the Heart & Soul VIP Tribe right now and have immediate access to all this incredible, life changing content for the cost of a lunch!

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